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Repair method for damaged rubber conveyor belt

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Repair method of damaged and scratched for rubber conveyor belt

1. Traditional repair methods

Hot vulcanization bonding method: it has the advantages of high bonding strength, which can reach 90% of the original tape; The joint is flat without impact; The flexibility is relatively good. The disadvantage is that the vulcanization requires high heat source and heavy equipment, which is not conducive to handling; The process is complex and takes a long time, which is greatly affected by ambient temperature and humidity. Moreover, the vulcanized part of the joint is easy to peel and crack.

Mechanical connection mode: its advantages are simple, fast and cheap. The disadvantage is that the strength of the belt connecting part is weakened, which is only 35% - 45% of the original belt. It is easy to fatigue damage, short service life, uneven joints, severe impact damage to the idler during operation, and material leakage.

2. Repair methods of soray carbon nano polymer materials

The material cold bonding connection method is an effective solution for repairing the scratch of rubber conveyor belt at present: the advantages are simple construction, no special tools, aging resistance and wear resistance are much higher than that of polyurethane belt itself, and the comprehensive cost performance is high. It can be put into production immediately after one hour of on-site repair.

This technology has a remarkable effect on the repair of damaged products with elastic properties, such as rubber, polyurethane lining, conveyor belt, pulley, insulation layer, etc. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, anti-corrosion, strong flexibility, high elasticity, strong adhesion, self leveling, no sagging phenomenon, convenient construction, environmental protection and so on.