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Factors affecting the quality of steel wire rope for conveyor belt

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Factors affecting the quality of steel wire rope for conveyor belt


1、 Structural design impact

The structural design of steel wire rope has an important influence on its mechanical properties and performance. Taking the heavy conveyor belt as an example, although the diameter of the steel wire rope has been increased, the bending stiffness has been increased. However, the flexibility decreases, which has an adverse impact on the production and final use performance of the conveyor belt.

2、 Influence of raw material selection

Raw materials must have a direct impact on steel wire rope. One of the keys to the production of high-quality steel wire rope is to have qualified and high-quality raw materials. Generally, if we need to increase the carbon content of raw materials of steel wire rope from about 0.70% to about 0.80%, we can further improve the quality of raw materials and improve the overall performance of steel wire rope by adding appropriate trace elements in the steelmaking process through cooperation with steel mills.

3、 Influence of heat treatment method

Heat treatment is an important process in the production of steel wire rope. The temperature and time of austenitizing and isothermal decomposition of steel wire determine the final microstructure and properties, and also determine whether the properties of steel wire rope can be achieved. Natural gas open fire heating is used to replace the original way of burning coal and carbon, which greatly improves the heating speed and ensures the uniformity of steel wire temperature and the uniformity of final steel wire performance.

4、 Control effect of compression ratio

The strength of steel wire is obtained by drawing deformation, and the compression ratio of steel wire also determines the strength of steel wire. With the continuous improvement of the strength of steel wire rope for conveyor belt, it also brings the continuous improvement of the total compression rate of steel wire.

5、 Influence of surface coating quality

On the one hand, the surface coating improves the corrosion resistance of steel wire rope, on the other hand, it also determines the adhesion with rubber. At present, the surface of steel wire rope for conveyor belt is mainly pure zinc layer, which can meet the above requirements. However, with the increase of underground installation depth of conveyor belt, the requirements for corrosion resistance of steel wire rope will be higher and higher. Zinc aluminum alloy coating has better corrosion resistance than pure zinc layer.